Subject: Jessica Wang
Provenance: Tianjin, China
Age: 30 

This top Chinese-American digital influencer and entrepreneur has amassed a following of 7M-plus across social media platforms. Jessica is a leading voice across fashion, beauty, home and tech, and lives to “find creative and unique ways to engage my followers with the brands I love most.”

What is your daily routine?

I wake up at 7 am, take a quick shower and indulge in a little skincare. Once I’m out of the bathroom, I’ll take a quick glance at my to-do list for the day and reply to urgent emails while I have breakfast, which is usually toast with peanut butter. The rest of the day is either spent on photoshoots, planning content, managing deadlines and/or meeting clients. I usually wind down by shutting off and relaxing with my girls until bedtime.

Can you describe your approach to beauty and wellness?

My approach to beauty is simple: drink lots of water to stay hydrated, invest in facials, and use high-quality skincare products. I currently swear by vitamin C serums and retinols. I’m also a big believer in doing more of what you love because when you do, you feel good, and when you feel good, you can tackle anything.

@jessicawang before and after Ourself Lip Filler.

@jessicawang before and after Ourself Lip Filler

How do you incorporate Ourself into your beauty regimen?

“I love the Ourself Lip Filler with Subtopical Plumping Technology™. Not everyone wants to go the route of needles and this product is such a quick way to add some fullness to my lips without having to get injectables.”

What is your greatest indulgence versus your healthiest habit?

My greatest indulgence is wine and sweets. I have a major sweet tooth! I can’t really decide what I love more between the two.

My healthiest habit is being super diligent with my skin. I always remove makeup before bed—even after a long day of shows or traveling.

Best ageless advice you ever got?

Be patient and don’t stop working on your goals—even when it seems like no one notices—because good things take time. Achieving something too easily or too soon can cheapen the outcome.

When do you feel like the self you love most?

When I’m spending time with my daughters. The endless laughter, love, and memories can’t be beat.