Subject: Silja Danielsen Torres

Occupation: model

Age: 32

Danielsen Torres is a full-time model living in Seattle, WA. In addition to being a mom to 10-month-old Atlas, she is a recipe developer and loves to cook and share inspiration. Follow her On Instagram @silja_torres.

Where do you live and how did you arrive in the space?

We moved from Williamsburg in New York right after the pandemic and ended up in Seattle because that’s where my family is. I think because our immediate family was expanding (I have a 10-month-old baby) we wanted to be closer to relatives and have more room to stretch. We bought an A-frame house in the woods in Edmonds, WA, which is about a mile from the sea, but the home is also connected to 130 acres of reserve land so of course that’s really nice.

What makes a home a home?

The people living in it make it a home! But also, just the right amount of hygge [a Norwegian word that describes a mood of coziness and feelings of wellness and contentment]. To me, hygge is about filling your home with not just loved ones but also good lighting and comforting homemade food.

What is your design aesthetic?

I'm 100% Norwegian so our home is very much styled after a Nordic way of life. Again, I think it comes back to that kind of hygge aesthetic. For example, we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner by candlelight, which is so cozy. I swear by these simple tapered candles from “Northern Lights”.

Describe your at-home beauty and wellness regimen.

I usually start each morning with a big glass of water and lemon. For coffee, I only drink decaf. It was kind of a switch during pregnancy but now I really don’t feel like I need the caffeine: I just love the ritual. I’ll usually add a bit of cardamom, milk, and “Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides” powder to the cup since I’m breastfeeding and feel I could use as much protein as possible. As for beauty, I’ll wash my face in the morning and when Atlas goes down for a nap, that’s when I grab my chance to do Peloton, followed by a sauna. After, I apply the Ourself regimen of “HA+ Replenishing Serum”, “Daily Renewal Cream”, and “Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50”.

How does this routine change during the winter months?

In the winter I'm definitely trying to hydrate more: I switch to the “Ourself Daily Renewal Cream Rich” to keep my skin extra moisturized, and I spritz on a face mist throughout the day. And at night I recently started using a gua sha tool to help keep the blood flowing. I keep it next to the remote and discovered it’s really easy to multitask and use while I’m watching shows in the evening. I also have this habit of “dry brushing” my neck and chest with my hands, which helps stimulate your lymphatic system.

How do you approach self-care @home during winter?

In keeping with my Norwegian heritage of course we had to get a Finnish style sauna, which is amazing to use during the colder season when it’s all about staying cozy. This company called “Almost Heaven” sells a kit that my husband and I put together and as long as I can find time, I use it every day. It's great for increasing blood flow and circulation and because I'm a runner, it's also really good for muscle recovery.

What do you specifically like about the Ourself regimen you use?

I like that it's a simple three-step process that’s so self-explanatory: serum, cream, and then SPF. The regimen is also just a really good way of reminding me to apply sunscreen daily. I never liked putting SPF on because they always felt either sticky and heavy or like it had a white cast and this one blends in so well. I especially relied on it when I went skiing in Breckenridge. It’s very high and dry there and the snow is so bright and reflective. The Ourself sunscreen and the “Lip Conditioner ” really saved me.