Subject: Jasmine Tookes
Provenance: Huntington Beach, CA
Age: 30

This supermodel, entrepreneur, all-around cool girl, and Ourself Ambassador is all about keeping it simple and freezing time. (And don’t judge her for digging into an occasional chicken tender!)

What is your daily routine?

I usually wake up between 7-to-8 am. I’m not a huge breakfast person, so my go-to is a smoothie packed with enough nutrients to get me through to lunch. :)

As a model, my days can really vary: One day I can be on set, and the next I’m in meetings for my activewear line that I co-founded with Josephine Skriver called JOJA. I love that every day is never the same and it just keeps things always fresh, always exciting. In the afternoons, my husband and I usually prepare lunch together; we never used to cook but after going through Covid quarantine we actually realized that we both really love to do it. In the evenings, the best way to wind down, for me personally, is to just sit and relax with my dogs before heading to bed. Before I go to sleep I always take a decent amount of time to complete my skincare routine. I’m usually in bed around 11 pm.

Can you describe your approach to beauty and wellness?

My approach to beauty and wellness is pretty simple. Always do what works for you and not for everyone else. Test products see how your skin reacts and just take your time. Once you do find those special products that work for you, having a routine is key.

I am not against needles at all: If someone has an insecurity that is really bothering them, then by all means do whatever you can/want to do to make yourself feel your best self. I personally have not ventured down the needle route but I am sure that as I age I wouldn't be opposed to it.

How do you incorporate Ourself into your beauty regimen?

Ourself has been a great new addition into my skincare regimen and I am loving the way my skin is looking and feeling. My favorite product from the line is the Brightening Peel. It really enhances my skin’s texture while also helping to fade away my hyperpigmentation. I am such a glam girl and the first step to beautiful glam is beautiful skin!

What is your greatest indulgence versus your healthiest habit?

 My guilty pleasure is Popeyes. I am obsessed with their chicken tenders and can never say no. But my healthiest habit is that I make fresh green and other veggie/fruit juices every morning. It’s really fun to create the recipes and I feel amazing after.

What is something your followers don't know about you?

I am a pretty open book. I feel most people know everything about me.

Best ageless advice you ever got?

Never put your face in the sun!

How do you freeze time?

I feel like I am constantly freezing time. I’m the kind of person that really lives in the moment, and never looks back at the past or worries about the future. I think it is so important to be present and enjoy every little bit of life you get. You only have one.

When do you feel like the self you love most?

When I am with my closest loved ones.