Subject: Sara Buchan

Provenance: Pittsburgh, PA/New York, NY

Age: 37

Buchan is a part of a new breed of progressive passionate wellness minds. Her specialty lies in the field cellular biology as it relates to longevity and beauty with a special interest in detoxification, hormesis, autophagy, and the synchronicity of the mind and body. Buchan holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Nursing from Penn and New York University, respectively, as well as a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from New York University. She is currently finishing her second masters in Psychiatric Nursing. Buchan has over ten years of experience in aesthetic medicine and is highly skilled in injectable procedures. A former fashion model, her passion for design and form give her a unique aesthetic eye. She founded “Poppi Wellness + Bio - Optimization”in 2021, a private, uniquely designed medical spa in Hudson, NY where she carries exclusive, biotech brands of skincare and injectables. Her discerning eye and creative mind allow for an ever-evolving experience.

What makes you feel like (y)ourself?

I am music obsessed. Listening to music in my car whilst singing / air-drumming always brings me back to me.

Who (or what) inspires you?

I’m inspired by people with real, raw passion who couldn’t care less what you think about it, and by people who go against the grain to do the right thing. Kate Bush has always been inspiring to me. She’s wild and she makes no apologies for her idiosyncrasies.

What’s your favorite Ourself product and why?

The killer combo of the “Lip Filler” and “Lip Conditioner”. I have done a complete switch from lipstick and gloss to the filler and conditioner on the daily.I’ve used so many products, from the most expensive serum on the market to Carmex. I think the Ourself "Brightening Peel" used in conjunction with the "Daily Dark Spot Intercept” is the most effective protocol I have ever used. It’s definitely the only peel that effectively brightens with zero downtime or dryness. It gives that glassy, almost transparent look that will result in people stopping me on the street to ask what I use.

Best Ageless advice you ever received?

My dad knew about intermittent fasting before it was ever scientifically talked about. That said, he drinks a large Coca-Cola fountain soda daily, but he's had the secret in his arsenal for a long time. When your body takes long breaks from having to metabolize food, you activate autophagy. Activate autophagy on a consistent basis and you will live longer and look better.

Any advice on how to become the best version of yourself and how to live life to your fullest potential?

The best version of yourself is yourself. I think that if you are lucky enough to know what your joy is and have the courage to create your life around it, you’re doing it right. Honesty, bravery, kindness, consistency, living in and sharing joy; that’s my path.