Our Lip Filler helps you look more like yourself without creating a face you don’t recognize in the mirror. We pair biotech science with at-home convenience for clinically-tested, clinically-proven results.

What Is Needleless Lip Filler?

As the name implies, “needleless lip filler” is an alternative option to common medical procedures like lip filler and Botox. Our lip filler infuses hyaluronic acid to layers of skin where it is most effective in order to visibly increase lip volume to fill in fine lines and help restore the youthful, fuller lips you remember. 

How Does Needleless Lip Filler Work?

The Ourself cruelty-free Lip Filler with groundbreaking delivery technology infuses hyaluronic acid to visibly recover lip volume, definition, and suppleness so you can reclaim the best version of your real lips. 

As we age, the body slows its production of hyaluronic acid, which is key to maintaining volume and moisture retention in our skin. Ourself Lip Filler leverages our patent-pending multiphasic vesicle delivery technology to directly deliver different sizes of hyaluronic acid to the layer of skin where they’re needed most.

We also infuse our Lip Filler with a color enhancer derived from vitamin B3, so your lips get a boost and a blush of color. Enhancing your base lip color makes your rejuvenated lips subtly stand out.

What Are the Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally produced in the human body, found inside our skin, eyes, and connective tissues. Hyaluronic acid boosts hydration to retain moisture and restore skin to its fullest, plumpest state. 

As we age, our skin can experience dryness from UV rays and pollution. Additionally, hyaluronic acid production within the body slows as we age. Many people opt for topical or supplemental hyaluronic acid treatments to repopulate the body with the moisture it needs.

Hyaluronic acid has been studied as a safe and effective method for lip regeneration. It’s not only a powerful skin tool, but it can even aid in wound healing. Hyaluronic acid has cleansing properties and can support the body’s process of creating blood vessels in affected areas.

What Are Some Other Lip Essentials?

Maintain the youthful, supple lips you’ve achieved with Ourself’s Lip Filler and get an extra dose of moisture with our Lip Conditioner. This silky balm contains hyaluronic acid for double the dose of plumping power, plus other essential ingredients like vitamin e and cupuaçu seed butter to take moisture to the next level. 

People in the Amazon have used cupuaçu seed butter for centuries to heal and protect their skin. This lush, smooth butter absorbs quickly into the skin so you’re not left with that sticky feeling, yet the conditioner does impart a polished, subtly shiny finish.

Pair our Lip Conditioner with our needleless Lip Filler to reveal your fullest, most nourished lips.

How Does Needleless Lip Filler Differ From Injectable Lip Treatments?

Many people opt to go to a medical professional like a board-certified dermatologist for cosmetic treatments like lip augmentation and or to treat the nasolabial folds. Below, we’ll explore how these more invasive options differ from needleless lip filler and our Subtopical Plumping Technology™.

Injectable Dermal Filler

One of the most common injectable lip treatment options is dermal filler. Here, substances like hyaluronic acid filler are injected into the dermis to add shape and structure to the lips. People who receive lip injections must maintain a regimen of injections multiple times a year to ensure their lips retain volume.

In the past, collagen lip injections were once the most common lip filler treatment. However, collagen is not long-lasting, and other dermal filler options like hyaluronic acid generally cause fewer side effects or allergic reactions.

Like any medical procedure, lip injections come with their fair share of risks. Many people experience side effects like swelling, bruising, pain, and bleeding. In more severe cases, people might suffer from infection, severe swelling and bruising, ulcerations, lumps, and tissue loss from injection into blood vessels.

Botox Lip Injections

Other lip treatment options include a Botox needle injection, also known as botulinum toxin type A. Compared to lip filler, where a substance is directed into the lips, chemicals like Botox relax the facial muscles, making lips appear fuller.

Comparing Injections and Needleless Lip Filler

In comparison to injectables, needle-free devices offer less downtime than traditional filler injections and lip augmentation procedures. Needleless lip filler products like Ourself Lip Filler with hyaluronic acid also reduces the risk of puncturing blood vessels since no needle is present. 

For pain-free lip plumping, you can swipe on our Lip Filler wherever you are—no appointment necessary.


Needleless lip filler is one of many options when it comes to lip enhancement. Our Lip Filler, with groundbreaking delivery technology, infuses hyaluronic acid to visibly recover lip volume, definition, and suppleness and its paired with color enhancers derived from vitamin B3. 

If you’re looking to rediscover your lips’ youthful glow without the needles or appointments, our Lip Filler is a fantastic alternative.


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